1. Where is your office?

In 2022, we have one office location, FOR DROP OFF ONLY:

Our Primary location is at:

7500 West College Blvd
Lighton Tower
5th Floor
Overland Park KS 66210

You can also use ANY UPS STORE or Fed Ex Office location nearest you.  Deliver documents digitally to taxsaversLLC@gmail.com using the location scan and email services.  Additional fees may apply per location.


 2. Why use TaxSavers?
  Our highly trained staff of tax professionals makes tax education a priority. Our ability to answer even highly complex tax situations in plain English is something our customers appreciate. Plus we have successfully completed THOUSANDS of tax returns for our clients.  We have an Enrolled Agent on staff with the equivalent knowledge of a tax attorney, highly trained in tax collections and tax negotiations. 
 3. What is your error rate?
  TaxSavers error rate based on available statistics with the IRS is less than 2% annually.
 4. What is your mailing address?
  Use our safe and secure Post Office Box at:

TaxSavers Tax and Financial Services
7500 College Blvd Ste 500
5th Floor
Overland Park KS 66210

 5. Are you approved by the IRS?
  In accordance with IRS rules and regulations, the IRS does not approve tax professionals...nor do they make professional recommendations.
 6. What about tax research?
  Through our partners, we have over 70,000 pages of up to the minute tax rules and regulations at our fingertips.
 7. Do you belong to professional organizations?

Yes. We are members in good standing with many professional organizations accross the USA.


 8. Can you do taxes in my state?

TaxSavers is authorized to prepare taxes within the United States in all states and localities that require it.

We have a FEDERALLY LICENSED Enrolled Agent on staff.

 9. Why are your prices so low?
  We do everything possible within our operation to keep things affordable such as charging a flat fee rather than a per form charge. Our pricing structure is designed so that it costs most people less to use our services than buy software and attempt what can be a complex process themselves.
 10. What is your turn around time?
  Normally 3 days for personal return preparation with all documents necessary provided to us...

24 Hour Rush is availabe for an extra $15.00
 11. Are you Registered in California?
 12. Are you Registered in the state of New York?
  Yes we are.
 13. My friends, co-workers, family deducted XYZ why can't I?
  It is important to remember that the taxpayer, YOU, are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the data that goes on your tax return. Just because someone took a deduction on a tax return and has yet to be audited for it, does not mean they won't be. We adhere to the valid written IRS tax law when preparing a clients tax return. This is designed to protect, you, our client.
 14. ABC Company offers a Guarantee, do you?
  Most 'Guarantees' by major tax preparation firms simply guarantee the MATH on a tax return. You don't need to pay extra to guarantee that 2+2=4. Guarantees are simply marketing devices that DO NOT guarantee the tax law has been interpreted correctly. Correct interpretation of the tax law is just as important as any mathematical guarantee.

 15. Why do you meet with clients using SECURE VIDEO CONFERENCING by Zoom HD?
  It SAVES us over $24,000 a year in rent...Over $40,000 in Office Manager salaries, and let's our client meet with us from the comfort of their home or office...(or ANYWHERE with High Speed Internet) in the US or the World.  No parking or car hassles.  No daycare issues.  No problem if the document you forgot is at home...since that's probably where you are.  No illnesses shared.  Your appointment, and our access is as close as your smartphone.  No need to call, when you can meet with us face to face, easier than calling, at your convenience.