2024 Fees


Amelia has been bestowed the highest FEDERAL honor granted by the US Treasury.  

On the same level as a tax attorney.

We receive continuous inquiries regarding our tax return pricing during tax season. 

This page is designed to address those concerns. 

Again, we offer Bundled Pricing to our clients which includes a full spectrum of services now included STANDARD.

The BUNDLED package for Tax Tear 2023 INCLUDES:

1.  Current Year Fed/State Tax Preparation with e-file where possible. ($75-$147)

2.  IRS Identity Theft Monitoring.  INCLUDED.  Your IRS identity Securely, electronically monitored.  (This monitoring service will not disclose if items on your personal credit report or credit cards have been compromised....for that you'll need a service such as LifeLock.)  Most clients ONLY find out their identity has been compromised at the time of tax filing.  We know WEEKS ahead of time before the IRS alert reaches your mailbox, IF we monitor your account.  (Signed IRS Power of Attorney required to activate service.**Activation of monitoring starts 30 days from IRS Power of Attorney approval)

As your IRS Power Of Attorney, we'll receive your Personal Identification Number (which allows you to file taxes) in case you misplace your copy.

 2021 STATE tax filing requirements say we must have a copy of your Drivers License or State Photo ID for both Taxpayer AND Spouse which includes issue date and expiration date.  Failure to include this MAY delay the processing of your state refund(s).  

Further proof of the focus on Identity Theft and fraud protection at all levels of taxation nationwide, which is why our services now include this focus as well.

IRS Identity theft now affects MILLIONS of peoples lives…

EVERY CLIENT SHOULD WATCH the video below!!! 

Here’s proof from the current IRS commissioner in a “60 Minutes” interview from 2014 on CBS, (allow a few seconds to load on your device)...


And a repeat of last years IRS Payroll Scam WARNING with HR Departments and Payroll companies nationwide CONTINUES in 2020.  Just another way your personal data can be compromised:


3.  IRS Power of Attorney…(You’ll NEVER talk to the IRS or state taxing authority again!).  Average wait time, partially due to coronavirus, can be 3 hours for the IRS during tax season, if you are curious.  On hold you will hear the disclaimer that IRS phone support is not responsible for what you hear via phone, and only the written word of law applies in all cases. Often you will either be given inaccurate information, or the phone system will tell you after an extended wait to "call another day" and the call will be automatically terminated.  ($20 Total...even if Jointly filed.) 

4.  Tax Return Audit Protection Services (First Hour FREE) ($25 for full statute of limitations coverage...Generally 3 years from the date filed.)

5.  IRS/State Letter Response for any written correspondence you may receive.  Millions of letters are sent out in ERROR, every year.  Take advantage of our expertise and skill in handling these matters.  We do so on a daily basis, year around.

6.  Unlimited Tax Related Texts via our proprietary texting service. (These services cost us $ to maintain year-round for clients.)

7.  FAFSA Worksheet and Counseling for anyone on the tax return for obtaining Student Loans

8.  Tax planning appointment yearly, in November or December (your choice) to discuss life changes that have impacted your financial life.  (Included FREE.)  30 Minutes.  

9.  Postage Included for Return of any Originals  (USE PHOTOCOPIES…so that our expertise can be used in tax code...not wasted at the copier.)  Plus, if we have an important question, you can refer to your documents.   

10.  Guaranteed No Price Increases as long as your membership remains current.

No, the cost of a tax return did not increase at all...see above in parentheses, the additional fees cover the required Power Of Attorney administration which allow the additional monitoring services, Driver License Security measures, IRS communication responses both verbal and written, and the basic Audit Protection services.  Everything else above is included at no extra charge for Bundled Pricing participants.

Compare our fees with 2018 Turbotax Live priced at $149, where an Enrolled Agent prepares your taxes, after you upload data OR

HR Blocks NEW 2018 service called Tax Pro Go, from $89 to $149+, IS STILL more than TaxSavers w/ Enrolled Agent pricing! 

Clients get the expertise of an Enrolled Agent, the highest honor bestowed by the US Treasury…Amelia has the training and testing equivalent of a tax attorney!  

We are the ONLY firm in America offering this level of services at this price point.   

We truly don't know of any client who WOULD NOT WANT TO KNOW if their identity had been compromised, (as soon as possible) or the contents and validity of data in their IRS file, or how to handle an IRS/state letter they might receive in the future, or the priceless benefit of never talking to the IRS or state if an issue occurs, or knowing that a tax expert with the highest level of training is handling things on their behalf.  The cost of handling any one of these issues is MUCH more expensive if you wait until AFTER they occur.  

And you have no way to forecast in advance WHEN or IF they will happen to you.

Our expertise is MUCH MORE than simply placing numbers on a form.  

In fact, our competition isn't even qualified to offer all of the tax-related services on this page! 

The Bundled Services plan is all about Client Protection.  Something everyone needs.  In a fast-moving digital world.

Pricing is simple for everything you see above, with 2 ways to pay.

Paid in full at the time of return delivery or taken from refund for a zero out of pocket option.  Total Package cost $120 a year.    

Small Business Filers: Paid in full at the time of tax return delivery or taken from refund for a zero out of pocket option.  Total Package cost $192 a year..

** No Identity Monitoring program can 100% PREVENT Identity Theft. 

Compare our fees with this national comparison done in 2017:

And understand that our competitors don't have the equivalent knowledge of a tax attorney either.

In fact, We're still less expensive NOW than our competitors were back in 2008, even with Bundled pricing!

What other professional do you do business with currently can say that?

Over the last 20 years, our expertise has OUTPERFORMED DIY tax software by $1,264 A YEAR on average (based on our internal reviews of tax returns that were originally self-prepared and brought to us with errors.)

Pricing Comparison of HR Block, Liberty Tax and TurboTax from 2008


We haven't changed ANY PRICING in more than 9 years...

However, we now have a higher level of tax credentials than MORE than 1.6 Million of our competitors...including CPA's.

After all, if you achieved the highest designation at your job, saved your boss (you are our boss) hundreds or thousands of dollars every year, you would expect SLIGHTLY more pay, correct? 

In fact, There are only about 5000 tax experts in America that can match our credentials nationwide.

And the services above, which we can now provide, along with much more, go well beyond the size of your refund, or balance due every year. 

Extensions for clients who allow us to complete their tax returns during the annual extension period are free, otherwise, TaxSavers reserves the right to assess national average fees for extension services. (See the above link from 2015 competitors' pricing referencing extensions) 

TaxSavers will not be responsible for the payment of ANY penalties and interest assessed to any taxpayer as the result of the filing of an extension for any reason. 

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express as well as personal checks, and electronic checks. and certain forms of cryptocurrency.

To properly calculate your tax return, you MUST have W-2s and all related tax documents.  Paystub refund calculations have been discontinued nationwide by all firms because of the possibility of errors.     

The time frames provided for electronic filing processing, and refund processing is a guideline only,...NOT A GUARANTEE.  The IRS does not guarantee deposit or processing dates on any tax return.

Mailing charges may also be assessed depending upon your individual situation.  

A taxpayers choice to file or not file a tax return also has no impact on our fees and WILL NOT result in a reduced fee structure from us.  Please remember that you are paying us to calculate your tax return.  We file the return free electronically as a courtesy to our clients.  Clients are not paying us for the filing of a tax return.

All invoice amounts for services provided are FINAL and the sole discretion of TaxSavers management.  All clients who use our services agree to adhere to the pricing structures outlined above to create a fair and equitable environment for all clients.

All clients assume complete responsibility for all data utilized in the preparation of tax returns. 

Please be advised it is the CLIENT's responsibility to correctly file forms W-4 and W-7 with the Internal Revenue Service as necessary.  Our firm WILL NOT be held responsible for client failure to follow written IRS rules associated with these forms.

Previously, our firm spent more than 312 documented hours DURING the TAX SEASON alone handling missing client data which went uncompensated.

This DIRECTLY affects client turnaround times. 

Your help in making us more efficient is greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.         


The maximum returned check charge allowed by the state of Kansas will be assessed for any check returned for insufficient funds.

TaxSavers reserves the right to assess a charge for missed appointments for any person or entity that schedules with us.  Please respect that we allocate time for each scheduled appointment and our time is valuable.

TaxSavers Tax and Financial Services LLC reserve the right to refuse client services to anyone, without cause.  Our services are available on a First Come First Served Basis. We recommend you schedule your appointment early with our online scheduler at this site.


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